BG Fuel System
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Fuel System Cleaner

Instantly Help Your Euro Car Run Smoother!

The Best Your Engine Can Get

Your car is not just any car, it is a specialized machine made for performance. European sports cars need particular care, and BG offers that care.

Our expert mechanics will service your car and make it run like new. If you car is getting poor gas mileage or feels sluggish, BG will help it run like new!

Is Your BMW or Porsche Acting Sluggish?

This system cleans fuel injectors, air intake, throttle body, intake valves, and other ports. After our service you will feel the performance and power!

Better Fuel Efficiency

This specially designed air intake system cleaner reduces harmful exhaust emissions and will restore your engine performance to the day you first drove it.

Fuel Cleaning

Specially designed to project any sensitive fuel system components like fuel tank bladders, O-rings, hoses, or gaskets.

Better Performance

Specially designed to: remove hardened carbon deposits from fuel injectors, correct the injector spray, and balance air:fuel ratio, giving you more gas mileage.

Restored Power

The quality of gasoline and fuel pumps can vary, but BG 44K is created to safely and rapidly clean your entire fuel system.

We Specialize In All German & European Vehicles

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