No, You Dont Have To Take Your BMW To The Dealer For Service

Do I Have To Take My BMW To The Dealer For Service?

If you’re reading this, then you’re trying to find the answer to the question of whether you are required to take your BMW to the dealer for service or an oil change. Maybe you have even asked yourself: can I take my BMW to any mechanic? Well, the short answer is: yes, you can take your BMW to any mechanic you want for service and oil changes. Now, there’s a little more to it than just that, but, all in all, you are not required to ever go back to the BMW dealer if you don’t want to.

What you need to remember is that, even though you can choose who works on your BMW, it doesn’t mean that every mechanic is qualified to do so. Many new cars today are very specialized and even though they all have four wheels, sometimes that’s where the similarities between different makes stop. Today, we’re going to get into the nitty gritty about getting your BMW serviced and some things you should look out for. Ultimately, we’ll give you enough information to find a well-trained BMW mechanic in your area. Now, you probably won’t hear this info from your BMW dealer, and that’s because it’s in their best financial interest to make sure you always return to them for everything…. including the unnecessary nitrogen for your tires.

A little secret of the dealership world is that ‘service and repair’ is their ‘bread and butter.’ That’s why they go all out to ensure that you don’t take your repairs somewhere else. They know full well that independent mechanics offer the same services at a reduced cost….so they advise against independent mechanics to put more money in their own pockets. If you are still asking: can I take my BMW to any mechanic for service, then you need to hear this.

What your BMW dealer won’t tell you…

The mistaken belief that only BMW dealers can provide proper servicing for your automobile is not true. This question – can anyone service my BMW – is common among new BMW car owners, because car dealers fail to tell them the truth; most independent mechanics got their experience working for dealerships. You can visit a dozen career German mechanic shops in Chicago, and be confronted with the same story. In addition, many people who are thinking about keeping their BMW after a lease want to know how much maintaining their car will cost. Going to an independent mechanic will definitely save you money on service and repairs compared to the dealership. Another big area where an independent BMW mechanic is helpful is keeping your car on the road. The dealership really just wants to get you into a new model, and independent BMW shop can help keep you in your current car for much longer. An independent BMW mechanic wants you to get every last mile out of your car!

John, the owner of Autobahn, started his career as an auto mechanic working side by side with a German mechanic, who built his wealth of experience in a Mercedes dealership. One thing that I have learned from my years of experience in the automotive repair industry, is that the difference between the dealer versus an independent mechanic is not in the quality of service. Rather, it is in the cost of the service itself. Your BMW car dealer probably won’t tell you that their repairs and servicing cost (at the very least) 25% more than what independent mechanics charge. That is simply outrageous and wrong. While we cannot deny the fact that dealers have more overhead than independent mechanics, that does not give them permission to charge vehicle owners exorbitant prices for repairs and services.

Dealer Vs. Independent Mechanics

There are a few other things that new car dealers won’t tell you, but are very important to know. These also apply not just to a BMW or Mercedes, but all new car dealers. They really want to lead you to believe that you must come to the dealership for repairs and these are the statements and assertions they use to mislead you.

Proprietary Parts and Fluids

I think many BMW dealers try to make you believe that you can’t find proprietary oil and fluids anywhere else other than the dealership. This is not true. Proprietary oil and fluids are not patented to your car dealer, so it is not practical that they’ll be the only supplier of the oil needed for the servicing of your car. They like to make you believe that it takes special oils and fluids to service your car, but they fail to tell you that scarce weight oils (like the 0w– 40) are not so hard to find in the general market. At Autobahn Automotive Service, we use proprietary oils and fluids for all our clients and we can help you get the right oil for your BMW. Obviously, your mechanic needs to know the proper oil for your car, but anyone servicing German vehicles will know what to use.

Do Independent Mechanics Have BMW Diagnostics Computers?

Another reason why BMW car owners question independent mechanics is that they believe that they’ll only find specialized equipment at the dealership. Well, that’s another misconception that we need to correct in the dealer versus independent mechanic comparison. The truth of the matter is that independent mechanics spend good money on BMW computers, just like the dealerships. Here at Autobahn Automotive service, we invest heavily in specialized pieces of equipment and diagnostic computers to ensure that our clients’ cars are well taken care of. Running diagnostics for German cars and providing effective solutions for the repairs, is our area of expertise. We offer our BMW computer diagnostics at very competitive prices. Why go to the dealership for your auto diagnostics, when you can enjoy premium car repair services at Autobahn.

Do Independent Mechanics Use The Right Parts For My Car?

Getting premium parts for your car is another thing you’ll have to worry about as a car owner. While you may think that Premium BMW auto parts are only available at the dealership, in reality, they are available in almost every auto mechanic shop in Chicago. You may have heard your car dealer say that they are the sole providers of OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer) in your area. Well, that too, is a lie. It is almost laughable that a car dealer will be the sole supplier of aftermarket parts that could be sourced from a variety of OEM parts suppliers. If you are looking for aftermarket parts for your BMW, then you should know for a fact that Autobahn Automotive service offers a plethora of premium BMW auto parts. Aside from the fact that we offer real BMW auto parts, we do so at a price that is way cheaper than the dealers.

Independent Repair Shops Have Well-trained Mechanics too!

Car dealers like to make you believe that you won’t find great mechanics anywhere else, so you will go to them for your repairs. But what you don’t know is that the mechanics working in independent auto shops can be former operators from the dealership repair shops. Believe it or not, independent mechanics know just as much as the auto experts at your dealership. Since they work on different product lines and different models of the same brand, independent mechanics tend to be more experienced than dealership mechanics. Keep in mind, most independent mechanics out there once worked at a dealership. As such, they have developed a wealth of experience that will come in handy during the servicing of your BMW. Here at Autobahn Automotive Service, our mechanics have undergone serious training to be able to handle all BMW vehicles. We can help you fix your car, usually faster than any dealership would and, to top it off, we offer our repair services at the cheapest price possible.

Can I take my BMW anywhere to get an oil change?

As a BMW owner, I am assuming you’re in love with your car just like us! So it’s important to you who works on your car and where you take it for service. Keep in mind that most independent BMW shops are actual BMW enthusiasts and appreciate the older models and have a deep passion for the brand. You’ll most likely end up with better service for your BMW by finding a trustworthy mechanic than going to the dealer. You’ll probably also find someone who loves your car as much as you and isn’t that who you want working on your BMW? For this reason, you must ensure your car gets the best service possible. While you might be tempted to drive your car straight to the dealer repair shop, it may not be the best decision for your budget. However, you shouldn’t part with your hard-earned cash because of their lush interior décor and furniture. It’s not worth it. Before you pay for the servicing of your car at the dealership, know the facts, do the math and avoid being ripped off for a simple oil change.