Do I Really Need To Go To The Audi Dealership For Service?

Audi dealerships love to tell you about their certified service. However, we all know how pricey those Audi dealerships can get when it comes to routine maintenance visits.

Here’s the dirty little secret: You do not have to take your Audi to the dealership for an oil change, maintenance, or any type of repair. The dealership wants to make you feel beholden to using them for Audi service when, in reality, you can take your car to anyone you choose. The fact is, you can get better service by taking your vehicle to an independent garage. Here’s a look at why you should consider an independent Audi mechanic over an Audi dealership.

They Are Less Expensive

Audi dealerships are quite fancy places. The modern architecture and million dollar showrooms don’t pay for themselves. In fact, Audi dealerships make a pretty huge profit from service center visits. The fact is, an independent Audi mechanic is usually going to be less expensive. That’s because they don’t have to deal with all the overhead that it takes to run an Audi dealership.

Why pay more for an oil change or a tire rotation? An independent Audi mechanic can do the same work, with excellent quality, for much less.

Most Independent Audi Shops Are Interested In Keeping Your Car Running Longer

When you take your Audi to a dealership, you are pretty much just a customer whose name they barely remember. Independent Audi shops are different. These shops are focused on building relationships with their customers. They know their customers by name and take pride in their work. If you really care about your Audi, you want to place it in the hands of people who want to keep your vehicle running for as long as possible.

Audi Mechanics Have the Same Tools and Computers as a Dealership and Oftentimes Even More

Audi dealerships like to brag about their state-of-the-art service center. The fact is that a good Audi independent shop will have the same exact equipment. In fact, some independent Audi shops will go a step beyond and have even more advanced diagnostic and repair tools. That’s because the Audi independent shops know that they have to go the extra mile in order to win over customers.

Don’t let Audi dealerships convince you that they are the only ones with the capability to service your vehicle. You can get top Audi service at independent shops as well.

Independent Shops Usually Have Audi Mechanics that Know the Brand Better than the Dealership Because They are Seasoned Career Mechanics

Here’s something that you may not know about dealership service centers: they have lots of turnover. That means that you will be lucky to have the same technician service your vehicle twice at a dealership. Independent Audi shops usually have career mechanics who serve the same customers year after year. That means you will have one seasoned pro who can service your vehicle for years. This will give you better peace of mind knowing that the same person is looking under the hood of your Audi every time. They are familiar with your vehicle and will be able to spot a potential problem quickly.

Many Audi Shops Are Enthusiasts and Know Tricks, Tips, Etc. to Get Better Performance or More Life Out of Your Car

Independent Audi mechanics are also usually Audi fans. That means that they are going to know the little tips and tricks to get more out of your vehicle. If you happen to drive an Audi S or RS model, then you’ll definitely want an independent Audi shop to service your vehicle. You can get the edge that you want and can squeeze out some more performance. Even if you don’t drive a high performance Audi vehicle, the independent shops know how to keep your Audi running longer.

Audi Shops Are Also Better for Out-of-Warranty Models

Do you have an Audi that’s more than five years old? Well, most Audi dealership service centers usually work on newer model vehicles. That means that these dealerships may not have the experience to work on your older model Audi the right way.

The independent Audi shops tend to work on both new and older model Audi vehicles. They will be able to expertly handle your out-of-warranty Audi to keep it going as long as possible.

Independent Audi Shops Aren’t Going to Try to “Upsell” You All the Time

Have you ever gone to a dealership service center for a tire rotation and got the “hard sell” for new tires and new brakes? Well, dealerships have a whole “system” in place to try to squeeze every dollar out of every customer who drives into the service center.

At an independent Audi shop, you don’t get the corporate hard sell. Instead, you receive the service that you requested. During your service, the independent Audi mechanic may suggest some other work based on what they see so that you can discuss any upcoming service your vehicle might need, but it will always be in your car’s best interests. These independent Audi shops are not going to try to hard sell you like the Audi dealerships.

An Independent Shop Can Be More Nimble When It Comes to Routine Service

Have you ever been stuck at a dealership service center for longer than you thought? Well, dealership service centers often get overwhelmed with vehicles and delays are common.

An independent shop is going to be more nimble and have the flexibility to get your routine service completed quicker. Your time is valuable and an independent shop is usually going to get you back on the road quicker.

Independent Shops Can Provide Customized Solutions

At an Audi dealership, they like to push packaged services like a “60,000 mile service” or “90,000 mile service.” These packages include about 20 or more services that can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, your vehicle may only need half of the services that come in the package.

At an independent Audi shop, you can get customized service that is based on what’s best for your vehicle, not what’s best for the dealership’s pockets.

Independent Shops Are Community Based

When you go to an Audi dealership, you are dealing with a global automotive company that is interested in profit, profit, and more profit. An independent garage is owned by someone from your community. While these independent Audi shops want to make a profit, they also want to be seen as a positive part of the community. That means that an independent Audi shop is going to give you personalized service.

For instance, if you call an Audi dealership, you are going to have to spend about two minutes with an automated service telling you to “press 4 for parts.” At an independent shop, a real live human is more likely to answer the phone and answer your questions.

Keep Your Audi Going at Autobahn Automotive Service

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