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Driving Style and Gas Mileage: Myths vs. Facts

Over the years manufactures have produced much more flue efficient vehicles than in the past. Cars and SUV’s are lighter, more aerodynamic, and many get great gas mileage. Even with all these advancements, there are additional steps you can take to make your car even more miserly when it comes to consuming gas. Many of these tips you might have heard, but you will be surprised to find out not all our true, many are just an “old wives tale”. Today on the Blog, we are going to look at five common gas saving tips and see if they still apply today and even work. In this day and age of the internet, Facebook, and “fake news”, its hard to get to the bottom of good advice. So in no particular order, let’s begin:

Debate: Driving aggressively vs. driving normally

This one is ridiculously clear. Driving like a maniac makes your gas tank scream in terror. Studies show that driving like Driver’s Ed taught you can save over 30% on gas.

Verdict: Fact

Debate: Windows down vs. A/C on road trips

You’ve probably heard someone say this before and thought to yourself “Hang on. Is that really true?” Well, we’ve got some validation for the skeptics out there: Whether you have the windows down or the A/C up, it makes no difference at all to your gas mileage.

Verdict: Myth

Debate: Driving the speed limit saves gas

Turns out those infuriating drivers that follow the posted speed limit are onto something. Driving at the limit saves over 10%, and even more on the highways. Those savings are before you factor in potential speeding tickets, too. It may not be as fun, but it’s absolutely safer and more economical.

Verdict: Fact

Debate: Don’t idle for too long

This is one that just has to be fake, right? How could just sitting there burn a bunch of gas? Well, get ready to be shocked. You can save almost 20% just by shutting the car off when you’re idling for a minute or more.

Verdict: Fact

Debate: Check the tire pressure

This is an absolutely essential safety and maintenance tip that you should always be aware of, but when it comes to gas mileage, tire pressure has no measurable effect.

Verdict: Myth

Since spring is right around the corner, Facebook and many other places on the internet will be posting articles about car tips, maintenance advice, and of course, gas saving ideas. If you happen to come across one that is original or seems like it might work, let us know! Got any other gas saving tips that could use a verdict?