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We Want To Fix Your BMW Brakes!

Automobiles like BMW’s are high performance machines, this means they need their brakes maintained. Our Technicians have years of experience and specialize in handling BMW brakes. We know exactly what your car needs so it is kept in mint condition. With our work you can be rest assured that you brakes will work each and every day. At every brake service our specialists will diagnose and replace brake pads, rotors and calipers and replace any when they require it, your safety is our priority.

BMW Brake Pad Replacement

We are BMW specialist! Brake pad replacement is a crucial component to the safe operation of your car. Letting your pads go past their recommended replacement date puts you and everyone else on the road at risk. At Autobahn we treat every car like it’s our very own. This means we will let you know when it is time for routine maintenance. With safety as our priority we are determined to help you get the most out of your BMW. These automobiles can drive forever if treated right, make sure yours gets treated by experts.


Even before the ABS light comes on you will probably notice any of the following symptoms. It might be all of these or just one. but immediate action must be taken if you notice on of these symptoms:

  • The ABS light comes on and stays on
  • DSC warning light flashes
  • You can hear the ABS pump constantly running
  • The orange or red BRAKE warning lights could come on at the same
  • The speedometer stops working
  • The battery is draining even when the vehicle is parked

If the DSC light comes on as soon as you start the car this can usually be attributed to a malfunction in a wheel speed sensor. It might be the senor itself or it could be the wiring to the sensor. Either way both must be inspected. Your BMW will still drive but we recommend caution when driving, you are more likely to lose control of the automobile. The best course of action would be to get the issue diagnosed and fixed.

Rotor Replacement for BMW’s In West Chicago

If you have ever driven around West Chicago then you know the wear and tear your brake system will take. When you bring your car in our technicians will check your brake rotors and pads. While inspecting we look for scoring or cracking. If the BMW brakes pulse or steering wheel shakes when when you drive we strongly recommend that the rotors be replaced. Sometimes during inspection the rotors can look functional but still be worn out. If we can see a ridge forming at the edges f the brake rotor this is the clearest sign that the rotors must be replaced. We are trained to measure brake rotor thickness to determine if they need to be replaced.

High Performance Brake System

We usually recommend replacing your break pads when replacing your break rotors. All brake rotors must be replaced in pairs. The car will usually tell you when the rotors must be replaced, it has sensors built in. But nothing can beat an inspection by a specialist, that is why we inspect them as often as we do. When brakes fail everyone on the road is vulnerable, we will make sure that doesn’t happen.

BMW Dustless Brakes

Imagine No More Dirty BMW Wheels!

Many high performance automobiles are well known for dirty and grimy wheels, BMW is one of them. Any performance vehicle manufacturer must give their customers very high stopping power while also keeping the luxury of minimal noise. That means soft brakes are usually used, this gives the car high predictability and control, but it can also leave the black slime we are all familiar with.

This brake dust is not actually dust at all. Really its a cocktail of carbon fiber, adhesives and metal fillings. These are generated when the pads are pressed to the rotors. Not only does this look filthy all over your expensive wheels, it can also damage the looks of you wheels in the long run.

Unfortunately, there ins’t a way to completely get rid of this dust, normal pads are designed to wear down slowly to spare the rotors from damage when the breaks are applied. However, there are alternatives to the high dusting break pads. Many new types of brake pads advertise themselves as low dusting and offer improved cosmetics and performance. Using these will spare you a mist of dust and your car wheels will look and last longer.

These new brake pads are developing day by day. Some of the older ones are a blend of ceramic and organic material to keep the noise levels down. Other ones are made out of a synthetic glass, carbon fiber, or even Kevlar. There are many options for you to choose from.

BMW Performance Brake Upgrades

In our mind, every car on the street could use a brake upgrade, but a sports car definitely needs one. This isn’t to imply that the factory brakes are not good, they are fine brakes. But if you could increase your efficiency on the road, what’s stopping you. Performance breaks will always resist fade better than the stock breaks. If you can smell your stock brakes after you use them it’s certainly time for an upgrade.

The upgraded brake pads are always made out of higher quality materials, and the best way to facilitate this change is with rotors, the upgraded rotors have increased surface area, letting you use bigger pads, leading to more friction and more stopping power.

Finally. it goes without saying but the quality of your brake system is directly proportional to how good your brake fluid and lines are. Performance enhancing lines will not swell when the brakes are used. You can get different types of fluid, but the best strategies is to get the fluids replaced often.

BMW Brake Warning Light

Brake work is part of our core services at autobahn, it’s a relatively straightforward repair that usually just needs replacement parts. Our pros will get you back in the road in no time. Sometimes car brake lights remain on after the replacement even if there’s nothing that needs to be fixed or replaced. We will make sure that your car is in perfect working order, and that your dashboard tells you this. Nothing is more annoying than doing a job only for your car to tell you it isn’t done.  When your car is returned to you, no matter the job, you can rest easy knowing it got the best service in the West Chicago area.

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