Mercedes Benz Repair in West Chicago

We Are Professional Mercedes Repair in West Chicago

A Mercedes is the height of luxury automobiles, it is world rewound for stunning power and comfort. You just cannot afford not to have professional service, a machine like yours demands the best. We are the best! Autobahn will give you the best service in all of West Chicago. We will give your automobile the luxury service it deserves. Our maintenance team gives the dealer mechanics a run for their money, we provide industry-leading service at competitive prices so you can save!

Let Us Be Your Mercedes Dealer Alternative!

It’s a very common misunderstanding that you need to take your Mercedes to a dealer mechanic. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, we are the example of this. It doesn’t matter if you need a basic tune up or something more serious, we know Mercedes! Nobody buys a machine like a Mercedes because they want something standard. You don’t want stand service either. When your car is entrusted to our team you can rest easy knowing the car will get the care it deserves.

We have Mercedes technicians that take pleasure in working on these machines. The parts and tools they use are specialized for your vehicle. Unlike dealers our goal isn’t to get you into a new Mercedes as soon as possible. With the proper care these cars can drive for many decades, we want to make sure that happens. Our team is excited to give you the best service for as long as possible. Under our watchful eye your car will run better for longer.

St Charles IL Mercedes Benz Mechanic

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Mercedes Benz Repairs

Only trained pro’s can work on Mercedes! Your car is a high performance luxury automobile, make sure it repaired to factory standards. Our Mercedes Benz mechanics have lots of background experience with new models as well as classics from the 80’s and 90’s. Let us make your car as good as new!

Mercedes Diagnostics

Does your car have a light on or a steady beeping? Not every repair shop has the specialized equipment needed to diagnose these issues. We have a Mercedes Benz tool specifically made to accurately read trouble codes. Don’t let a basic issue go undiagnosed.

Mercedes Maintenance

Do you want to keep your Mercedes past it factory warranty? You probably see tons of older Mercedes models driving around. The Mercedes of today are not build with the same dedication and require extra care to get the same life expectancy. Our Mercedes pros will help you get many miles out of your car.

West Chicago Mercedes Service and Repair

Mercedes Benz Service Center Serving West Chicago

No matter the job, our technicians know Mercedes. We are dedicated to making your car run better for longer. No matter the job, our pros can handle it. A really common question we get asked is how much it costs to maintain a Mercedes after warranty. The simple answer is a lot, if you don’t give it the proper care from day one. That is why we want you to bring your automobile in regularly, it saves you money down the road. We will give you the manufacturer-suggested care to keep your car running better and to save you money. We can perform a wide range of tasks on your car to save you money down the road.

Mercedes Parts and Repair In The West Chicago Area

Similar to the automakers of America, the foreign auto manufacturers are always trying to outdo one another. Mercedes and it’s competitors are each trying to gain more control of the market. A popular way to do this is by claiming they have the lowest cost of ownership for their respective vehicles. This usually means that they defer most of the maintenance beyond the first years of ownership. So, if you plan on driving a vehicle for only a few years it will be a more manageable cost. However, if you want to keep your car after the warranty you will need to do your part. That is where Autobahn steps in. When you bring your Mercedes to our service center we will give you the service you need and also offer some ideas about what service you should also perform to keep your vehicle running, thus maximizing your investment.

A Sample of Our Mercedes Benz Repair Services

  • Mercedes Oil Change and Tire Rotation
  • Mercedes Tire Alignments and Balancing
  • Mercedes Programming and Diagnostic Repair
  • Mercedes Engine and Transmission Repair
  • Mercedes Performance Enhancements and Upgrade
  • Mercedes Scheduled Maintenance
  • Mercedes Convertible Top Repair
  • Mercedes Brakes and Rotor Repair
  • Mercedes Strut Repair
  • Mercedes Battery Maintenance
  • Mercedes Coolant Flushes

West Chicago Mercedes Maintenance

It is almost a guarantee that you see quick change services all around West Chicago, promising to change your oil in 20 minuets or less. We understand how valuable your time is, and how alluring it can be to use these service centers. But you should never take a Mercedes to a quick service mechanic, even for something as simple as an oil change. These mechanics may have experience working on local automobiles. But they probably don’t have the experience needed to work on something like a Mercedes Benz. The high performance require premium oil and care, that is something you won’t get at a quick service garage. You cannot risk a simple fix going south for just convenience. You car is a complex machine and it is important to take it to companies that know what they are doing.

What Do We Provide?

When your Mercedes rolls into one of our vehicle bays you have our guarantee that the service you will get the service you requested, but we will also inspect your vehicle. Not just a once over, but check it from top to bottom and notify you of any issues we spotted or any services you should consider in the future. We will top off your fluids, perform a safety check, inspect filters ans seals and make sure everything is in perfect working order before sending you out the door. Some our our core services include:

  • General factory maintenance
  • Tune-ups
  • Oil changes and tire rotations
  • Fluid replacements
  • Battery maintenance and replacement
  • Wheel alignment
  • And more

Do I Need To Take My Mercedes To A Dealer?

There are plenty of drawbacks to taking your vehicle to a dealer for service. Many dealers are under pressure from corporate to improve sales in the service department to give them a good standing with the automobile maker that they represent. This usually means they out you under pressure to buy additional service that your probably don’t need. These tactics are not something you need to worry about when you take your car to autobahn. We don’t need to appease any corporate automobile maker, we pride ourselves in honest, transparent and reliable service. It will benefit you to take your car to an independent repair shop like ours. Our knowledge of Mercedes combined with our friendly, honest service makes us the best choice for your automobile. We take bride in earning your business and will make sure you are completely satisfied in your experience.

There Are Other Repair Options For Your Mercedes!

Our goal is to give you such good service that you return with your car next time. Its part of our full cycle approach to ensure that we are your one-stop-shop regarding your car. You don’t need to return to the dealer for service, that’s a fact. You have many options for luxury cars like Mercedes, Autobahn is the best one!