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If you own a classic or used Range Rover, you probably already know that maintaining the vehicle can be quite expensive if you go to the dealership. However, you do not necessarily need to go to the dealership. At Autobahn Automotive, we specialize in servicing imported vehicles, including all Range Rovers and Land Rovers.

Our shop in West Chicago can perform all services on your Range Rover, from engine cooling system service to AC/heating system service. Read on to learn more about the West Chicago Range Rover repair services that we offer at Autobahn Automotive.

Preventative Maintenance for Land Rovers

Just like any other vehicles, Land Rovers need regular preventative maintenance to continue running at their peak. This preventative maintenance includes oil changes, fluid changes, tire rotations, and more.

Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to Land Rover and Range Rover preventative maintenance, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands when we are servicing it.

Engine Cooling System Service

Some older Range Rovers and Land Rovers are known to have problems with their engine cooling systems. Thankfully, our technicians have extensive experience fixing these problems. We also have access to a large inventory of quality aftermarket Range Rover and Land Rover parts.

These parts are of identical (or perhaps even superior) quality, but they are much more affordable than the OEM parts found at Land Rover dealerships. We can fix any engine cooling problem your Land Rover or Range Rover might have, and we can inspect your vehicle’s cooling system and maintain it so that problems do not pop up in the future.


  • Alignment Service

Our facility in West Chicago has special equipment that allows us to align your Land Rover’s wheels with perfect accuracy. This can ensure even tire wear, which will help your tires last longer. A properly performed alignment service can even give your Land Rover’s fuel economy a boost.

  • Wheels & Tire Pressure

We can take care of any wheel or TPMS maintenance you may need. For example, we can replace the TPMS sensors if they break or malfunction. We can also replace damaged wheels and clear faulty TPMS warning lights.

  • Electrical Maintenance

Classic Land Rovers are known to occasionally have electrical issues. Our expert technicians are experienced with fixing these tricky problems. We can fix whatever electrical problem your Land Rover might have so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Steering & Suspension

Land Rovers do not often have problems with their steering or suspension systems. The exception to this is Land Rovers that have been driven extensively off-road. The steering or suspension components may break due to the increased force caused by driving over logs, rocks, etc.

Diagnosing a Check Engine Light On a Land Rover

If a check engine light comes on in your vehicle, you may be worried that your vehicle could break down at any moment. Usually, the Land Rover issues that we find when diagnosing check engine lights are not quite this serious. However, you should still bring your Land Rover or Range Rover to us right away if a check engine light comes up.

This holds true whether you are driving a classic vehicle or a newer model. We have advanced electronic diagnostic devices that can read the code causing the check engine light and show us exactly what the issue is. We can diagnose the problem causing a check engine light and then provide you with an estimate of how much it’ll cost to fix.

Land Rover Air Condition & Heating System Service

Newer Land Rover and Range Rover models tend to have very reliable heating and AC systems. However, the heating and AC systems in the older models could be a bit hit or miss. This is why we have a large stock of AC and heating system parts for older models. Our technicians are trained and experienced with fixing heating and AC system problems in both older and newer models. If you’ve received a high quote from a dealership to fix your vehicle’s heating or AC system, bring your Land Rover or Range Rover into Autobahn Automotive Service.

Brake/ABS System Maintenance

The brake system on all vehicles needs to be serviced regularly in order to work properly. Not getting regular service can result in increased stopping distances or even a total failure of the system. Obviously, this could be very dangerous. This is why all cars, including your Land Rover or Range Rover, need to have their brakes maintained. The brake maintenance that we often perform on Land Rovers and Range Rovers at our shop includes brake fluid changes, brake pad changes, and replacing the vehicle’s rotors.

While regular maintenance is usually enough for a vehicle’s brakes, sometimes brake components will fail on their own. We often see this in Land Rovers or Range Rovers that have done a lot of heavy-duty off-road driving. Not only can we perform routine maintenance on your vehicle’s brakes, but we can also replace broken components as necessary.


If you’re in the West Chicago area and your Range Rover or Land Rover needs routine maintenance or even in-depth repairs, Autobahn Automotive is the place to go. We offer service that is affordable and also superior to that which you would find at an expensive dealership service center. We can perform every type of maintenance and repair work on your vehicle.

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