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How To Drive – Not Crash – In Black Ice

Black ice is like getting bad news on the phone. It comes out of nowhere to try to ruin your day. If you have a luxury car, there’s no way around it: Your baby will probably have to build some character on wintry roads this season.

At Autobahn Automotive, we’ve written recently about winter safety tips and how to drive in the winter. Today, our focus is specifically on that frozen ninja known as black ice. Here are some did-you-knows and driving tips to help you and your car survive another winter.

Did you know? Black ice isn’t black.

True story. It’s actually transparent and blends in with the road, which is what makes it so much more difficult to see than typical ice. That’s why it’s so nasty; the effects it has on your car – such as loss of control and less effective brakes – are similar to regular ice. But black ice is often so unexpected that it sends drivers into panic mode immediately. And panic and driving skill do not mix.

So what’s the tip?

In short, be alert on all winter drives. Black ice loves bridges, overpasses and shady sections of the road, so be extra cautious there. You’re more likely to encounter it in the morning and at night than you are in the middle of the day.

Keep the hands at “9 and 3” – that actually gives you more control than “10 and 2” – and bundle up with an extra layer of safety.

Did you know? Stopping on black ice takes 9 times longer than normal.

It definitely helps to have studded tires or snow tires, but it doesn’t completely negate the effects of black ice. What’s more, you’re probably not interested in either of those options.

So what’s the tip?

Not to be a broken record over here, but good tires are ridiculously important, especially in winter when you need them to be fully in control of your car. Even if you don’t want snow tires, simply making sure your current tires are properly inflated and have good tread can do wonders in a black ice skid.

Be safe out there! Always remember the most important black ice tip there is: Stay calm. Skidding happens, and being cool as a cucumber helps ensure you and your car regain control quickly and with no damage done.

It may be winter, but Autobahn Automotive ain’t hibernating. No matter what your luxury car needs, request your appointment online and we’ll get the job done.

Bonus rapid-fire black ice tips:

1. Don’t speed. Like, duh.

2. If you have anti-lock brakes, maintain steady pressure. Don’t pump.

3. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, pump away.