How To Store Your Porsche

How to Store Your Luxury Car During Winter

Storing your luxury car for a month or three? Whether it’s because you don’t want to drive it during winter or you’re going away for a few months, improperly storing your vehicle can make it pretty cranky when you wake it from hibernation. A dead battery, unusable tires, and a troubled engine are just a few of the things we’ve seen in cars that had a less than ideal winter slumber.

So with winter on its way, how should you store your luxury car to ensure it’s happy and healthy come spring? Not to worry. Autobahn Automotive has seven lucky tips.


1. Clean it good.

Inside and out! Bird droppings, for example, can damage the paint if they’re left for too long. And making the interior sparkle is a great way to make sure that your car’s post-winter smell doesn’t cause you to make a bitter beer face.

2. Perform all routine maintenance.

Time to give your car a spa day. Maybe it’s something minor, like a headlight or taillight that’s out. Or something a little bigger, like transmission or axle work. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be glad you got the maintenance done now when it’s time for the first drive on that perfect spring day.

Not sure what you need or how to do it? That’s what we’re here for! Just request an appointment whenever it’s convenient for you.

3. Change the oil and filter.

The old oil has nasty stuff in it, and it gets even nastier if it sits for an entire winter.

4. Top off the fuel tank.

A full tank prevents moisture from getting in there and wreaking havoc.

Bonus points if you get a stabilizer such as Sta-Bil. Using it will retain the integrity of the gas in your tank for up to a year.

5. Take it for one last pre-winter spin.

This is a tip we like from a New Yorker named Steve Linden. He has a classic car, and on the final drive, he goes until the engine reaches operating temperature.

Why? Because this circulates the delicious new oil, preventing winter rust. It burns off contaminants in the oil, like water. And finally, it helps the fuel and stabilizer combo reach the carburetor.


6. Keep it covered.

An essential step. A garage is ideal, but if you don’t have one, you can secure storage space or get a waterproof car cover. Moisture is bad news for your ride.

7. Drive it for 15 minutes every two weeks.

This keeps the battery lively and keeps the engine and components properly lubricated. And although this sounds completely insane, running your A/C for a bit on these quick winter trips keeps the parts in working order.

There you have it! These lucky seven tips will help make sure that cherished ride of yours greets the spring fresh as a daisy.

And always remember, Autobahn Automotive is nearby and ready to help Fox Valley area residents if ever you need maintenance or repairs for your luxury car.