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A Customer Centered Experience

Autobahn Automotive is St. Charles’s local Mercedes auto repair shop fixing German car problems right the first time. Above all, we are people-people as much as we are car-people, and our customers appreciate our very personalized service, honesty, and integrity. Our entire staff is committed to handling all of your repair and service needs in a manner that is both friendly and understandable because we know you care about your vehicle, and you want to keep it running well for a long time. When it comes to taking care of your Mercedes Benz, we are highly skilled and highly qualified professionals!

Your Mercedes Benz Dealer Alternative

We are your affordable alternative to taking your Mercedes to the dealer. From Service A or Service B to full engine overhauls and transmission repairs, Autobahn Automotive is here to assist you and your Mercedes Benz.

We have factory trained service technicians, we use all original Mercedes Benz parts, and have the right computer software, to handle all your repair needs and save you a trip to the dealer. The core of our business is vastly different than the Mercedes Benz dealer, our goal is for you to keep your car longer rather than just try to trade you up to a new model every time you come in for an oil change!

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Mercedes Benz Repairs

Not anybody with a wrench can fix and keep your Mercedes Benz running. Here at Autobahn we use specialized tools and computers to to service and repair your vehicle to dealer standards and beyond. We cater to German cars & SUV’s.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance

We can help make your Mercedes Benz last longer and for less money than the dealer would charge you for service and repairs. It’s not uncommon for a well maintained Mercedes to surpass 200K miles or more and with our factory trained staff, we can help you extend the life of your car.

Mercedes Benz Diagnostics

Are you ignoring a light on your dashboard? Is your Mercedes making a funny sound when your turn it on? Don’t put off minor issues that can turn into major repairs later. With the latest in Mercedes diagnostic equipment, we have the appropriate computers to correctly repair you car.

St. Charles Mercedes Benz Service & Repair

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Mercedes Benz Service Center

We are committed to making your Mercedes Benz last longer and performing like new for years to come.  One of the most searched terms on Google is the phrase, “Mercedes repair costs”.  This is with good reason, for a neglected Mercedes can easily drain the bank account. We are here to tell you, this doesn’t need be the case and preventive maintenance now can save you money down the road.

With the auto industry in a pitched battle to be the top brand, the car manufactures try to eek out every competitive advantage over their rivals. One way they do this is by claiming lower cost of ownership. Don’t be fooled by these false claims! The main tactic manufactures use to lower cost of ownership is by deferring maintenance past the first 36 months of a vehicles life. This makes it seem like a luxury German vehicle isn’t so expensive to own. If you plan on keeping your car past the warranty, this deferred maintenance will come back to haunt you. We can keep your Mercedes maintenance cost low and make your car last longer.

Let Autobahn Automotive help you!

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RENN Tech 6.0 SL500 From “Bring A Trailer”

We Repair Every Mercedes Class

We love to keep older Mercedes rolling down the road and seeing owners keep their cars for a long time. Our service and repairs span every class of Mercedes Benz. From your 1986 560SL to the new AMG S65, we can handle your vehicle. Regardless of the year of Mercedes you own, rest assured your car will be in the best hands. Models repaired include:

  • C-Class: C230, C250, C300, C350, C400, C450, C32 AMG, C43 AMG, C63 AMG
  • CLS Class: CLS400, CLS550, CLS63 AMG
  • E-Class: E250, e250 BlueTEC, E350, E400, E400 Hybrid, E550, E63 AMG, E60 AMG, E63 AMG
  • S-Class: S500, S550, S600, Mercedes-Maybach, S65 AMG, S63 AMG
  • CLA-Class / GLA Class: CLA250, CLA 45 AMG, GLA250, GLA45 AMG
  • SL-Class: SL400, SL500, SL500, SL63 AMG, SL65 AMG
  • SLK-Class: SLK250, SLK350, SLK55 AMG
  • CLS Class: CLS400, CLS550, CLS63 AMG
  • GL-Class: GL350 BlueTEC, GL450, GL550, GL63 AMG
  • GLK-Class: GLK250 BlueTEC, GLK350
  • G-Class: G550, G63 AMG
  • M-Class: ML250 BlueTEC, ML350, ML400, ML450, ML63 AMG
  • R-Class
  • Diesel and Hybrid

Mercedes Engine and Transmission Repair

The  engine in your Mercedes Benz vehicle is a very delicate and sensitive system, with many different components and sensors of which the most important one is the engine itself. This is the center of the vehicle and the heart of what makes a Mercedes such a pleasure to drive. If anything goes wrong with it, it can create a lot of issues and problems ranging from the simple to the catastrophic.

One example would be a clogged air filter. If you were to allow this otherwise trivial component to remain unchanged, it would mean a less-than-optimum ‘air mixture’ ratio in the combustion chamber of your Mercedes Benz engine. This in turn would significantly erode engine performance as well as lead to a greater consumption of gas or diesel fuel.

Today’s new breed of Mercedes Benz vehicles are equipped with a vast array of warning lights that are connected to sensors that monitor your engine and all other auxiliary systems. Some of the most important ones include the Mercedes check engine as well as Mercedes engine oil lights. If either of these two lights starts flashing, it is time to head to a Mercedes Benz trusted mechanic.

Just Some Of Our Mercedes Services

-Mercedes Benz Oil Change

-Mercedes Benz Programming & Diagnostics

-Mercedes Benz Alignments & Tire Balancing

-Mercedes Benz Scheduled Maintenance

-Mercedes Benz Transmission Repair

-Mercedes Benz Engine Repair

-Mercedes Benz Performance Upgrades

-Mercedes Benz Convertible Top Repair

-Mercedes Benz Brakes & Rotors

We Are Mercedes Benz Experts

A great many repair shops try to get their clients cars repaired as fast as possible so they can get to the next customer, their entire business model is based on volume.  At Autobahn Automotive Service, our focus is attention to detail and doing an excellent job. We are not concerned about how many cars we repair, but rather how satisfied our clients are with us. Our goal is not just to fix your Mercedes Benz, but also that of your friends, families, and co-workers….we also want to fix the other German cars you own!

Do I Have To Take My Mercedes To The Dealer?

Many Mercedes dealers would like you to believe that you must return to them for all of your service and repairs, even after the warranty has expired. This is just not true! Its a little known fact, but most new car dealers only make money on their service department, not on the sales of new vehicles. So, every effort is made to led the consumer to think they are doing something wrong if they do not bring their Mercedes to the dealer for a repair. We have written extensively about this in the past and you can read one of our Blog Posts about it here: 

Have you ever noticed how “friendly” the sales people are when you take your car back to the dealer for something? The other negative to returning to the dealer is your are preyed upon by the staff to get you out of your current vehicle and into a new Mercedes so the whole process can start again. If you are interested in saving money maintaining your Mercedes Benz and making your car last longer, an independent repair shop like us will be your best friend. Our interest is in your repeat business!

Mercedes Benz Scheduled Maintenance

Is it safe to take your Mercedes Benz to a “quick lube” place for an oil change? The answer is no, but not always for the reason you may think. The Mercedes your are driving is an expensive, high performance, and complicated vehicle. These corner quick lubes or “Big Box” car care centers are not equipped to handle the complexity of your Mercedes.  Yes, many folks can drain the oil and install a new filter, but the real benefit of a experienced Mercedes mechanic is we know what to look out for and can properly diagnose issues, and even prevent future problems.

When we perform a scheduled service on your Mercedes, you get more than a quick look over. We perform a detailed inspection of your Mercedes from top to bottom, checking out the tires, checking fluids, reading the history of the vehicle, and a safety check. In addition, we have the correct Mercedes filters and seals to do the job right, not some cheap no name store filter. How many times have you been to a shop and they could not reset your oil change or service light?

Mercedes owners throughout Kane County come to Autobahn Automotive Service for affordable Mercedes maintenance services.

Mercedes Factory Maintenance Services
Oil Changes
Fluid Replacements and Exchanges (engine oil, transmission, coolant, brake, and more.)
Battery Services
Wheel Alignment
Tire Services

Bottom line….We Are Die Hard Mercedes Fans!

At Autobahn Automotive Service, we understand Mercedes repairs and servicing better than other Mercedes repair shops in the St. Charles area. The passion and care that owner, John Velazquez, has for his personal Mercedes, translates to every one of our clients’ Mercedes — which is why Mercedes owners continually choose us for long-term care.

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