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Autobahn Automotive Service is one of the most reliable foreign car shops in the St Charles area. We are the import repair shop you can trust, but don’t take our word for it, read our reviews. Autobahn Automotive Service has been built on a foundation of serving our clients with respect, integrity, and honesty….and our reviews prove this!

Complete Diagnostics

We have invested heavily is the needed specialty tools that your German car needs. from computer diagnostic equipment to the correct wrench for oil filters, we have a full arsenal to diagnose, repair, and maintain you beloved import.

This combination of equipment, along with the expertise of our staff, results in the most comprehensive diagnostic strategy. This leads to not only the most accurate repair, but also to keeping you and your family safest on the road.

Complete Repair

Here at Autobahn, we know that nobody looks forward to towing or bringing the car in for repairs or work. No matter how much preventive maintenance is done there will always be an unexpected failure. When that time happens, we are here to service your German vehicle in the St Charles area.

From simple door handles to full engine re-builds, we have the experience, skills, and technology to get you back up and running. Over the years we have learned the trouble spots to look out for, what is likely to fail, and the components that last forever. Put our history to work for you!

Complete Scheduled Maintenance

It’s a simple truth, preventative maintenance costs far less in the end. Ignoring problems or failing components can eventually lead to an increased amount of expensive  repairs down the road, or even a dangerous driving situation! As much as we can hope, parts don’t fix themselves. Your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen is a finely crafted machine, engineered and built by the best in the world. It’s an investment which deserves to be properly maintained so you can continue to rely on it.

Performance & Upgrades

Perhaps you see a bigger set of brakes for your Porsche in the future or maybe your E30 “needs” a short shift kit? We we can help you with that too. In fact, we jump at the chance to help you upgrade and modify your German car. While regular repairs are the norm, we love to drive fast just like you.

Over the years we have had the chance to see first hand to good, bad, and ugly side of performance modifications. We can offer some insight into how a new chip or exhaust system will affect your car, driveability, and of course longevity.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our staff wants to make sure your next vehicle purchase is a good one. Hard to know for sure what you’re getting with any pre-owned vehicle. We can give you an accurate diagnosis to let you know the true condition of your vehicle. We understand firsthand the disappointment that owners feel after they discover they’ve purchased a lemon after it’s already too late. We have been there ourselves!

Bring your potential purchase to our shop and we can make sure your vehicle is road-ready. We want you to be safe and confident in your purchase for the foreseeable future. Often, folks will sell a vehicle that appears to be fine, but will start serious issues shortly after the transaction is complete. We are able to protect you from this type of fraud every time.

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