Six Reasons to Visit a Mercedes Benz Repair Shop in Chicago

In 1926, Mercedes Benz released its first brand cars, and a year later, more than 7000 Mercedes Benz cars were produced. Fast forward to the third quarter of 2021, and Mercedes- Benz sold 55,130 models in the U.S.A.

The main focus behind the Mercedes Benz model is safety assurance for both the motorist and passengers. Hiring car repair services for your Mercedes Benz has many benefits for you and your car.

Your Mercedes Benz mechanic will help improve your safety; when your car undergoes routine checkups you can avoid any problems before they occur. Additionally, having your Mercedes Benz repaired and serviced on schedule will help maintain your vehicle’s value.

If you wish to cut down on your running costs, consider getting your car serviced and repaired by a Mercedes Benz mechanic. Here are six reasons you should visit a Mercedes Benz Repair Shop in Chicago.

1. Fluid Replacement

Changing the fluids in your transmission, power steering, coolant, and braking systems is a must for your Mercedes Benz. Trust your mechanic to tell you when these fluids are ready to be changed out. 

Changing your braking system fluid improves the braking force. It also protects the main system parts from wearing out. You will need to change your brake fluids every 30,000 miles under normal driving conditions. In some cases, you can flush your braking system after two years, thus preventing leaks or squeals.

The coolant safeguards your engine from overheating and freeze-ups during cold conditions. It also lubricates your water pump and prevents the system from rusting. Flush your coolant system after 50000 to 10000 miles under usual driving conditions.

The steering fluid lubricates and transfers energy between hydraulic parts in the system. This makes it easier to control the direction of your vehicle. Flushing your power steering system will reduce the wear to gears, pumps, and valves.

2. Brake Repair and Inspection

Sounds of brakes grinding or making a scratching noise irritate any driver on the road. Even if your brakes appear to be working fine, if you hear any unfamiliar sounds when braking you consider visiting your Mercedes Benz repair mechanic.

Replacing your Anti-lock Brake Systems will prevent your car wheels from rotating during breaking. This helps in preventing your car from skidding by providing excellent control.

A crushed brake hose can cause lagging or slow braking. Upon noticing any crack or wear on your hose, consider looking for Mercedes Benz repair services. Worn-out brake pads cause the scratching or squealing sounds of your brakes.

When your car makes uneven braking or slides forward when you brake, consider looking for a brake caliper replacement. Resurfacing your rotors will also reduce squealing and wobbling when you brake.

3. Battery Replacement

The dirt, grease, and battery acid discharge collect on the battery terminals preventing the optimal release of electrical power. The low power output prevents your Mercedes Benz car from starting efficiently, and might cause power interruptions during operation.

Cleaning your battery terminals can be done at home using a brush with stiff bristles. You can also sprinkle some baking soda and pour water on each terminal, allowing the mixture to react. Brushing again will clear away the layer of debris.

You should consider repeating the process until your battery terminals are clean. Testing to know the percentage of your battery’s charge using a home tester will help you determine when it’s time for a replacement.

Your battery replacement should ideally be completed during warm weather. Cold weather reduces the effectiveness of the battery when starting your vehicle, so you want to be sure that your battery can withstand the winter months. Avoid buying your car a second-hand battery for replacement. It’s hard to know how much charge is left in a second-hand battery.

4. Mercedes Benz Repair of Your Car Engine

You will know it’s time to visit your Mercedes Benz mechanic when your “Check Engine” light pops up. Your mechanic will diagnose your engine and recommend the right services at the best price.

A car fuel injector automizes fuel by forcing it through a small nozzle. A failed fuel injection system affects the performance of your car and destroys your car’s engine. Visiting your Mercedes Benz repair service center will ensure that your car’s fuel injection system is working properly.

To maintain smooth running, your car will need oil, lube, and oil filters. Engine oil helps to lubricate, cool, and clean the internal parts of the engine. You should consider replacing your engine oil, lube, and oil filters every three months or after 3000 to 5000 miles of driving.

With time, your car’s ignition wire and cables get weak and worn out, making it hard for the spark to reach the engine cylinders. When the engine misfires, your car will fail to start or run poorly. You can replace broken ignition cables with new ones, and your Mercedes Benz repair shop will be able to assess when this needs to be done.

5. Transmission Repair Services

Without a proper transmission system, you can’t drive your car forwards or backward. Depending on the degree of damage, you can choose to replace or rebuild the transmission system of your car.

Unlike manual transmission systems, automatic transmission repairs are complicated due to all the components that make it up, but here at Autobahn we are experienced professionals able to make these repairs on your Mercedes Benz.

A clutch pedal is insignificant when shifting gears, unlike when driving a car with manual transmission. The clutch helps your car to start and shift gears with ease. Since there’s friction involved, your clutch can wear out with time, raising the need to fix it. It’s advisable to visit a Mercedes Benz mechanic when your car clutch starts to make suspicious noises.

6. Tire Mounting, Balancing, and Flat Repair

Without properly mounted and balanced tires, you increase the risks of getting into an accident when driving. Therefore, you should replace worn-out tires as soon as your technician notices them getting worn.

Even with long-lasting tires, the actual tread life of your car tires will vary depending on the type of car, driving aggressiveness, and road or weather conditions. With proper maintenance and responsible driving, you will maximize the mileage in a set of car tires.

Get the Best out of Your Mercedes Benz

Taking your car for regular service and inspection at a Mercedes Benz repair shop doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have a breakdown at some point, but will definitely minimize the likelihood. Contact us for more information about your Mercedes Benz repair services and options.

Trust us to care for your Mercedes Benz as we care for our own cars.