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Servicing your BMW shouldn’t be a complicated or stressful event. At Autobahn Automotive Service, we believe taking car of your beloved Bimmer should be a simple and worry free experience, and that’s exactly what we have set out to accomplish. We are a different type of BMW service and repair facility in St. Charles area. No long lines, no mystery of who is working on your car, no needles services……no nonsense!

BMW Dealer Alternative

We are your affordable alternative to taking your BMW to the dealer. Whether you need a basic oil change, BMW scheduled maintenance, or major service work, your car is in reliable hands with Autobahn. We love working on your BMW as much as your love driving it, that’s why we make sure any service performed on your vehicle is done to the highest level possible.

With factory trained technicians, original BMW parts, and the right computer software, we can handle all your BMW repair needs and save you a trip to the dealer. Our philosophy of ownership is also different than the dealership and we want you to own and drive your BMW long past the lease term or factory warranty and we can help you do that!

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BMW Repairs

Don’t trust your BMW to just anybody! Your BMW is a specialized machine that requires a special skill set to be repaired correctly and to factory standards. Our BMW mechanics have an extensive experience working on recent BMW models as well as classic BMW from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

BMW Maintenance

Would you trust such a specialized machine to a nonspecialist? Your automobile is a high performance vehicle with a specialized onboard computer system. Can you really trust a discount technician without the proper training or equipment? Basic tune up’s can be done by any mechanic, but a specialist can look at your car while it’s on the lift to check for any other problems.Do you intend on keeping your BMW past the factory warranty? Older BMW’s were known to surpass 200K plus miles. Today’s BMW’s are not built the same way and need special care to get the extended life out of them. Our BMW maintenance plans will help you drive many miles with your car.

BMW Diagnostics

Is there a yellow or orange light illuminated on your dashboard? Not every car repair shop has the correct equipment to accurately read the trouble codes and diagnose your BMW. We use BMW factory scan tools and computers to precisely trouble shoot your car.

St. Charles BMW Service & Repair

BMW Service Department St Charles

1974 BMW E9cs Coupe

BMW Service Center

We are dedicated to making your BMW last longer and performing like new for many years.  One of the most searched terms on Google is the phrase, “BMW maintenance cost after warranty”.  This is with good reason, for a neglected BMW can quickly turn into a money pit. This does not have to be the case and some simple changes can save you money now, make your BMW last longer, and save you money down the road.

The top German car brands are all in a battle for sales. One way to make it seem that the cost of ownership is lower for a brand is to reduce the maintenance cost during the first 3 to 4 years. BMW has changed their service recommendations and stretched out the time between oil changes, air filters, and other basic maintenance.  This basically pushes out what any vehicle needs to operate efficiently and last a long time past the factory warranty period.  In a nutshell, BMW is showing a low operating cost, but setting the stage for large repair and service cost in the future.

We can help your BMW last longer!

BMW Engine and Transmission Repair

If there is one weak spot in any BMW, it’s the transmission. Years of “lifetime” fluids, deferred maintenance, and intricate shifting patterns has made many BMW repair shops shy away from the big repairs forcing you back to the dealer or towing your BMW hours away.

At Autobahn Automotive we have the skills and experience to tackle even the most complicated BMW repairs. From transfer cases on your BMW X5 to the E90 Turbo’s or removing the dash on a E46 to replace the evaporator, our shop will get you BMW back on the road.

Just Some Of Our BMW Services

  • BMW Oil Change
  • BMW Brakes & Rotors
  • BMW Alignments & Tire Balancing
  • BMW Scheduled Maintenance
  • BMW Transmission Repair
  • BMW Engine Repair
  • BMW Performance Upgrades
  • BMW Convertible Top Repair
  • BMW Programming & Diagnostics

We Are BMW Experts

Many shops try to get vehicles repaired as fast as possible so they can get to the next car, it’s all about volume.  At Autobahn Automotive Service, we turn our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and  doing an excellent job. We are not concerned about volume, rather we build our business on relationships. We hope to maintain not only this BMW you own, but any you may have in the future as well as your family and friends BMW’s.

Do I Have To Take My BMW To The Dealer?

Most BMW owners are under the impression that they must use their dealer for service and repairs or they may void the warranty. This is simply not true! The dealer would like you to believe this myth and keep you coming back. Many new franchise car dealers sell new vehicles at a loos or “break even” just so they can get you into the service department.

The truth is, you can allow anybody to work on you BMW, but don’t chose “just anybody”, choose Autobahn Automotive Service. One of the biggest advantages of using a independent BMW mechanic is we get to pass on our knowledge and “tricks” to our customers often saving you thousands of dollars compared to the dealer. The dealer may say a BMW X3 evaporator repair is 13 hours, but after 20 years of working on German cars, we can do it in half the time and pass the saving on to you.

We are BMW specialist!

BMW Scheduled Maintenance

Is it safe to take your BMW to a “quick lube” place for an oil change? The short answer is no, but not always for the reason you may think. You BMW is an expensive high performance machine with a complicated computer system. Would you trust it to a discount service provider who is not trained or experienced to work on such a sophisticated vehicle? The simple act of draining oil and installing a new filter is not always difficult, the real reason you need a BMW specialist is we know what t look out for and can see the signs of trouble long before you are left stranded.

When we perform an oil change on your BMW, you get more than a quick look over. We perform a detailed inspection of your BMW from top to bottom, checking out the tires, checking fluids, reading the history of the vehicle, and a safety check. On top of all this, we have the correct BMW filters and seals to do the job right, not some cheap corner auto parts store filter. How many times have you been to a shop and they could not reset your oil change or service light? We have the appropriate BMW computers and diagnostic equipment.

We are BMW nuts!

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