How o Drive In The Snow

Winter Driving? 8 Must-Have Supplies and Tips

With all the potential danger, driving your car in the winter sure can be intimidating. But if you prepare beforehand and stay smart as you drive, the trips are just as effortless as ones in ideal conditions.

If you find yourself driving in bad winter weather, these are the things you have to know.

Before you drive.

There’s no other way to say it: A thorough survival kit can save lives. Pack these supplies.

1. Body warming stuff

Extra outfits, hats, gloves and socks. Heavy blankets.

2. Grub, bevs and meds

Water. Snack food that’ll last, like energy bars, raisins and candy bars. Any necessary medications.

3. A way out

Shovel and scraper. Flashlight. Tow chain or rope. Road salt, sand or cat litter. Booster cables. Flares.

4. Bonus prep

Know how to contact your preferred roadside assistance. Store the kit in the back seat in case you can’t get to the trunk.

For more, check out this handy resource from Ready Wisconsin. Few places know winter like those cats.

While You Drive

5. Practice makes perfect

If you know someone who’s terrified of winter driving, there’s nothing better than finding a vacant parking lot and getting a feel for the conditions.

6. Light it up

Use your scraper to clear ice and snow away from every part of your headlights and taillights. And if the car is moving, your headlights should be on.

7. Slow it down

Big time. Accelerate way slower than usual and give yourself lots of time to stop. Someone will cut you off, so be aware.

8. Don’t rush

Being late is infinity times better than being wrecked. People will understand given the weather conditions. And if they don’t, fire a snowball at them.

Be safe! And remember, if your luxury car needs any service, Autobahn Automotive is conveniently located in St. Charles and ready to get your car feeling like new. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.